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Persons that access the chat network through your chat room and upgrade their member account will pay your member account the upgrade credits they pay monthly! You may convert the credits to a payment or use them on the chat.


Each chat profile is instantly granted a chat room address on the iWebcam® Chat Network. The chat profile room may be configured as outlined on the Room Host page.


An embed code is available to be copied when a chat profile configures their chat room. Copy the embed code and place into a website page to add the chat room to the website. The iWebcam® service will update records to show the website as the default chat room for the chat profile registration once the chat profile which obtained the embed code enters the chat room on the website .

Multiple chat room embed options.

Room Hosting Tools

A room host has the ability to block text and/or block a broadcast stream of other participants in the chat room. These room control options  may be found in various ways on the chat room.


A room host may prompt the room control options by clicking a username in the text chat or in the chat room participants list. Simply click the option to "chat block" or "video block" to enact the desired feature on the selected username.


We encourage room hosts to advocate the use of the ignore feature in the chat room. The ignore feature will allow individual room participants to tailor their own chat experience. The ignore feature may be found by the room host and all chat room participants by the same means the room host accesses the room control options. Alternatively a quick click to the [x] in text chat will prompt the ignore function.


When a person is placed on ignore the ignored person is not able to view the text or broadcast stream of the person placing them on ignore. Also, the ignored person will not be able to present text or a broadcast stream to the person placing them on ignore. If all persons place the same person on ignore the ignored person is essentially kicked from the chat room activities.




The chat room control options, and other various functions, may be also found by clicking drop down selector shown when you move your cursor over a viewed webcam broadcast.

Easily embed a chat room using a simple copy and paste.


Video chat service and chat room hosting for members

and webmasters.